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Most people hope and dream for a happy marriage/relationship, but these dreams are difficult to achieve.  Today, the divorce rate is more than fifty percent, and many couples are choosing to end their relationships rather than work through their problems.

Marital, relationship, and sexual problems can cause a great deal of emotional distress in a person's life.  Sometimes ending the relationship does turn out to be the best answer, but, often, therapy can help couples to learn new ways of interaction so that they can become more happy.  The goals of marital therapy are to teach the individuals to be responsible for their actions, and to teach the couple to work together to improve their communication and emotional fulfillment.  You can search for a relationship therapist in our Therapist Directory.

There are also a great number of self-help books about relationships.  These books help couples understand effective techniques to improve their relationship, but it important that beyond understanding, the couples must put these techniques into practice.

Being in a good relationship can be very rewarding not only psychologically, but also physically.  According to a study conducted by John Gottman, a professor of psychology at the University of Washington, your immune system can be affected by the emotional climate of your marriage.  He found that "positive emotions -- like affection, humor, and genuine interest in your spouse -- enhance your health."

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